Stay at home mom

Its 1’o night.i  am still awake waiting for my 13 month get into sleeping mode.Yes,my eyes are filled with sleep and i am trying real hard to keep them

This whole scenerio makes me think about the responsibilities of SAHM.I wonder did this decision meant i am the one who was responsible for all the babycare like putting the little one to bed.I wonder did the decision we made automatically made me liable for all the household chores,cleaning,laundry,cooking.?Its hard to beleive when the 8 hrs shift changed into an extended hour of work.Yet,the hubbies wont trust we were busy the whole day.After all we are staying at home.Is raising a child and taking care of home makes the work easier and less challenging then the office work and presentations?

The answer is definately a ‘NO’. In a similar way all these thoughts can turn our life into a nightmare.This leads to a state of depression and lonliness.The unhappy,unworthy feeling  reflects in our lives too. 

So,how to avoid it? The trick is to make yourself worthy in your own eyes. The simple step is set small goals for youself.Get ready everyday,go for a walk,follow atleast one hobby.Accomplish one task a day. Make your child learn one new thing each day. 

The joy you feel on your childs accomplishment can be felt no better than a SAHM.So stay positive and keep on doing the good work!


Pihu’s MOM



It was my birthday recently and I turned 29(Oops! Did I just tell my age😃) . I have always been excited about my birthday. I love hearing the birthday calls,cards,gifts,surprises which all make u feel so special.So i believe it is one of the best days in the year.

This birthday was a little different. I opened my surprise cake box and on the cake was written ‘Happy Birthday Pihu’s Mom’. Pihu is my 9 month old daughter. A sudden sense of realisation came to me that I am a mom now.Wow!

Now I look back how this transition has been for me. My life has made a 360 degree shift. Priorities have changed and so has my lifestyle.There is a new timeline now. Earlier it took me 10 minutes to get somewhere. And now-Feed her,gather her stuff,pack the diaper bag,the moment you put her in the stroller you realise you have to get back to clean the poop.So add another 30 minutes to earlier 10 minutes.Forget the personal time when the kid follows you to your trips to the washroom. From a working women to stay home mom– While working I never realised that household chores were so occupying.😶

Being a mom has changed my personality.It has added a new perspective to my life. Now, I see through the curious eyes of my daughter. I look at things with wonder and amusement. We both are teaching each other. From her I am learning the pure happiness of small things, the art of loving unconditionally,the willpower of never giving up.The transition seems to be beautiful.

I have grown by age, but being a MOM makes me feel younger.


Daily Prompt- Drive

1_ValleyofFlowersTrek_uttarakhandLet’s DRIVE through the dreamland,

Where dreams seem true,

Where everything is real,

Just in the manner we construe.

Has anyone escaped to a dreamland in the middle of a busy afternoon?

I remember an incident similar to that.It was one of those hot day of summers. If you have ever been to India,you would understand the summers are no less than a hot spa with temperatures as high as 40 degress.The only difference is you get a spa everytime you step out of your air-conditioned room.

It was the time when I was carrying my daughter who still had to see the world. Yes, was in my 8th month of pregnancy.The day started with the preparations for the ceremony,attending the guests,gossips,some fun and ended with lots and lots of fatigue.

As I closed my eyes,i was driving in the mountains till i reached a valley full of flowers. The air was so fresh I could feel my lungs full of oxygen.The fragrance of the flowers,haze covering the blue mountains and sun shining right through, glowing the flowers with its light was all so mesmerising.

Everything was quiet,not even a single was heard. It was so calm that I could feel my own breath with every amount of cool breeze I inhaled. It was then I heard a sound of soft giggles. I looked around to see from where it came but there was no one around. I felt some kicks in my tummy as if a knock knock on door saying’Hey,whom are you looking for.Its me,right here’

I just smiled with the thought it was not me alone in my dreamland. ‘WE’ were feeling it together.I kept looking at the heavenly scene..I dont remember when I dozed off for a nap.😃



#Daily Prompt-A Touch


This is my first blog on WordPress,so thought of starting it with a daily prompt.

‘Touch’ for me,is an emotion. In a similar way as we call emotions as ‘feelings’ and not sounds or sights.

A touch has a powerful impact on how we feel. It may invoke a positive or a negative emotion. Likewise, it can display sympathy,gratitude, fear or anger.Interestingly, it is the first sense that an infant develops.

I recently read about a social experiment in which the participants were made to sit on a table with a curtain in between. They were not allowed to see or hear each other. The only means of communication was a touch. They were asked to display different emotions by touching other persons arm. The study showed that the emotion guessed by the other person was correct most of the time.

A pat on the back, a hug, gentle hand on the shoulder, a loving kiss displays connection and strengthen our relation.All this is owed to the hormone oxytocin, responsible for pleasure and happiness.  A touch can be magical, it brings emotional balance and better health.Now I wonder why cuddling gives a better sleep.