Stay at home mom

Its 1’o night.i  am still awake waiting for my 13 month get into sleeping mode.Yes,my eyes are filled with sleep and i am trying real hard to keep them

This whole scenerio makes me think about the responsibilities of SAHM.I wonder did this decision meant i am the one who was responsible for all the babycare like putting the little one to bed.I wonder did the decision we made automatically made me liable for all the household chores,cleaning,laundry,cooking.?Its hard to beleive when the 8 hrs shift changed into an extended hour of work.Yet,the hubbies wont trust we were busy the whole day.After all we are staying at home.Is raising a child and taking care of home makes the work easier and less challenging then the office work and presentations?

The answer is definately a ‘NO’. In a similar way all these thoughts can turn our life into a nightmare.This leads to a state of depression and lonliness.The unhappy,unworthy feeling  reflects in our lives too. 

So,how to avoid it? The trick is to make yourself worthy in your own eyes. The simple step is set small goals for youself.Get ready everyday,go for a walk,follow atleast one hobby.Accomplish one task a day. Make your child learn one new thing each day. 

The joy you feel on your childs accomplishment can be felt no better than a SAHM.So stay positive and keep on doing the good work!


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