Pihu’s MOM



It was my birthday recently and I turned 29(Oops! Did I just tell my age😃) . I have always been excited about my birthday. I love hearing the birthday calls,cards,gifts,surprises which all make u feel so special.So i believe it is one of the best days in the year.

This birthday was a little different. I opened my surprise cake box and on the cake was written ‘Happy Birthday Pihu’s Mom’. Pihu is my 9 month old daughter. A sudden sense of realisation came to me that I am a mom now.Wow!

Now I look back how this transition has been for me. My life has made a 360 degree shift. Priorities have changed and so has my lifestyle.There is a new timeline now. Earlier it took me 10 minutes to get somewhere. And now-Feed her,gather her stuff,pack the diaper bag,the moment you put her in the stroller you realise you have to get back to clean the poop.So add another 30 minutes to earlier 10 minutes.Forget the personal time when the kid follows you to your trips to the washroom. From a working women to stay home mom– While working I never realised that household chores were so occupying.😶

Being a mom has changed my personality.It has added a new perspective to my life. Now, I see through the curious eyes of my daughter. I look at things with wonder and amusement. We both are teaching each other. From her I am learning the pure happiness of small things, the art of loving unconditionally,the willpower of never giving up.The transition seems to be beautiful.

I have grown by age, but being a MOM makes me feel younger.



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