#Daily Prompt-A Touch


This is my first blog on WordPress,so thought of starting it with a daily prompt.

‘Touch’ for me,is an emotion. In a similar way as we call emotions as ‘feelings’ and not sounds or sights.

A touch has a powerful impact on how we feel. It may invoke a positive or a negative emotion. Likewise, it can display sympathy,gratitude, fear or anger.Interestingly, it is the first sense that an infant develops.

I recently read about a social experiment in which the participants were made to sit on a table with a curtain in between. They were not allowed to see or hear each other. The only means of communication was a touch. They were asked to display different emotions by touching other persons arm. The study showed that the emotion guessed by the other person was correct most of the time.

A pat on the back, a hug, gentle hand on the shoulder, a loving kiss displays connection and strengthen our relation.All this is owed to the hormone oxytocin, responsible for pleasure and happiness.  A touch can be magical, it brings emotional balance and better health.Now I wonder why cuddling gives a better sleep.



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